The services provided by DIACLASE are divided into four main technical areas, as described below, with the following types of works.

Civil Engineering:

  • Hydraulic Structures (e.g. dams, levees, reservoirs, water channels);
  • Underground Structures (e.g. caverns, tunnels, galleries, shafts);
  • Earth Retainig Structures;
  • Slope Stabilisation;
  • Earthworks (e.g. roads, railways, waste fills);
  • Special Foundations;
  • Structures Rehabilitation.

Geology and Geotechnics:

  • Geological and Geotechnical Studies;
  • Geotechnical Risk Analysis.


  • Studies of Ground Water Resources;
  • Ground Water Exploitation Works - Design and Technical Assistance;
  • Study of Wellhead Protection Areas.


  • Environmental Impact Studies;
  • Environmental Rehabilitation.